Here is an ever growing list of sites that you might find useful......

  • Folk South West - Lots of folk related events in the South West of England
  • The Session - Website with thousands of Irish Traditional tunes in either ABC or sheetmusic format that are submitted by it's members (free to join).
  • Fiddle on magazine - The online version of the popular magazine for fiddle players. Dedicated to fiddlers, famous fiddle players, workshops, gigs, festivals and more. A must for the curious amongst you.
  • Roby Lakatos - Our all time favourite fiddler! He is a specialist in Eastern European Gypsy styles, Jazz fiddle and more...
  • The British Arts Council - A great resource for artistic funding and other information on the arts.
  • Mad for trad - Does what it says on the label, loads of fiddle related stuff to be found here.
  • Gael Music - Run by Luke Daniels, former young folk musician of the year on the accordion. Currently running several projects in teaching and performing trad, good man!

  • http://www.Musicians-in-your-city.co.uk
  • John Dike violins - Luthier, restorer and dealer of fiddles in the Dorset area.
  • The Musicians Union - Of which I am a member of (Matt). Very useful for all kinds of things like insurance and networking with other musicians. Definitely worth joining if you intend to make a career out of music. Has also become very folk/trad friendly!
  • Forset Friends Creative group - Tip top photography and design studios covering many different events! Check out the EP launch photos with Andrea Soler and band on the "Band photography" page.
  • Wessex Music - The main shop where John Dike has his studio. Lots of great instruments, music and accesories on sale here and also a useful online local listings for events and services in the area.
  • Miros - If you are looking for a ceilidh, barndance or highland fling then this could be what you are looking for!! Full 4 piece band + caller.
  • Celtic Confusion - Poole/Bournemouth based ceilidh band.